ImproGeneTM Cell Free DNA Tube (Add to Cart)

Please note that the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of ImproGene Cell Free DNA Tube is 100 pcs and the unit price is also based on total quantity purchase.

  1. Collect specimen by venipuncture according to CLSI GP41-A6
  2. Follow recommendations for order of draw outlined in CLSI
    GP41-A6. ImproGeneTM Cell Free DNA Tube should be drawn after the EDTA tube and before the fluoride oxalate (glycolytic inhibitor) tube. If an ImproGeneTM Cell Free DNA Tube immediately follows a heparin tube in the draw order, it recommends collecting a No Additve or EDTA tube as a discard tube prior to collection in the ImproGeneTM Cell Free DNA Tube
  3. Remove tube from needle and immediately mix by gentle inversion 8 to 10 times. Inadequate or delayed mixing may result in
    incorrect analytical results or poor product performance.
  4. After collection, transport and store tubes within the recommended temperature range (room temperature is recommended).
  5. Blood specimen in ImproGeneTM Cell Free DNA Tube should NOT be frozen before plasma separation.

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

Stabilizing maternal DNA and cell free fetal DNA in blood, and widely applied in 21, 18, 13 chromosome abnormali ties, sex chromosome abnormalities, other chromosome number and structural abnormalities, twin NIPT, single gene genetic isease and gestational tumor.

Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA)

Stabilizing ctDNA and widely used in the detection of lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, melanoma and glioma.

Product Code Material Tube Size (mm) Vol.(ml) Closure Type Color Label Pack/Carton Qty (pc)
824100200 Glass 216 x 100 10 Safety Cap Pink Paper 50 / 500

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