Nova Diagnostics now offers collection service for IMBdx, a company committed to helping patients and physicians across the world fight against cancer, by liquid biopsy testing which is a minimally invasive test for cancer diagnosis using their unique technology and expertise.

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    Our Partner

    In Nova Diagnostics, we offer collection service for the Blood-based liquid biopsy, a minimally invasive test for cancer diagnosis that requires a simple blood draw for IMBDX.

    It has recently risen as a possible substitute for tissue biopsy which includes a surgical procedure to obtain a piece of tumor tissue for analysis. Please visit their website to find out more or contact us for more information.

    The AlphaLiquid® series is a liquid biopsy platform that utilizes the most advanced tumor profiling technology along with Next Generation Sequencing, providing a comprehensive genomic solution for cancer patients.

    AlphaLiquid® testing provides in-depth analysis of cancer-related genetic mutations within approximately 2 weeks from receiving the collected blood specimen. The resulting report assists healthcare professionals in making improved clinical decisions for progressive cancer patients.

    The test offers a non-invasive and safer approach compared to tissue biopsy, and thus can be repeated whenever necessary. It can be applied for anticancer drug selection, recurrence monitoring, as well as early cancer detection in the near future.

    Ordering Process

    Clinic to call Nova Diagnostics at 67472913 or 88792980 to arrange for pick up service of sample(s)
    2 Tubes of blood (10 ml each) to be drawn from patient and stored in cfDNA Streck tubes
    Samples stored at room temperature for collection by Nova on same day or next business day
    Confidential Clinical report by IMBdX will be email to clinic between 14-21 days upon receipt of sample.
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