HYDRASHIFT 2/4 Daratumumab

31 March 2017

Sebia has launched a new product! HYDRASHIFT 2/4 Daratumumab– Mitigate Daratumumab interference on immunofixation for DARZALEX® treated patients. It is well known that the newer treatments for multiple myeloma that use humanized monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) can interfere with the patient’s native antibodies in immunofixation tests. This can mislead the pathologist in interpreting the patient’s response to treatment. Immunofixation is one of the tests referenced in the IMWG (International Myeloma Working Group) guidelines to establish the diagnosis of complete response in a patient with multiple myeloma. HYDRASHIFT 2/4 daratumumab is a reagent used on Sebia’s HYDRAGEL immunofixation test on agarose gel specifically designed to mitigate daratumumab drug interference. It is designed for use on Sebia’s semi-automated gel platform HYDRASYS 2.

For more information do visit http://www.sebia.com/en-EN/produits/hydrashift-24-daratumumab



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